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Data, say hello to design.

Visually is the largest data visualization showcase in the world, providing endless inspiration for designers, publishers and enthusiasts. It’s a community for exploring, sharing, creating and promoting great visualizations in the Age of Big Data. Do you want to get your work in front of a global audience of infographics enthusiasts and paying clients? Set…

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natural proportions

I just stumbled upon a fantastic piece of research on the so-called “golden ratio” (or as the author, Saikat Banerjee calls it, the “Divine Proportion”) and its application in logo design. It also references a nice video on the topic. Definitely worth watching! Do you know any more logos based on such proportions?

what could be more creative than being different?

Do you know the story behind the Creative Spirit Program? Well, it’s an initiative of Droga5, in partnership with Break Thru People Solutions. By 2021, they aim to get every one of the 32,000 registered creative companies in Australia to commit to the trial of a person with a disability. Ultimately, this will make the…

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Design for people, not awards

There is no such thing as a “dumb user”… there are only dumb products. You should make your product hard to be used in the wrong way. Are we designing for the world that A) we want B) we have C) that’s coming (whether we want it or not)? Design for outcomes, if you want…

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Ideas aren’t born – they are made

“the capacity to collect and organize information in new ways is built into the human brain – think of the brain as a prism which breaks stimuli into smaller parts; which combined with others can form an idea… the question is: how do we improve the chances that our prisms generate great ideas more often?”…

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how to visualize a speech

Check out this fantastic video posted by Nancy Duarte, author of Resonate. She gives an in-depth analysis of Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a Dream” speech in a way you’ve probably never seen it before.

Prototyping for kids

What could be more inspiring for a child than prototyping? Imagine what you could build from a bunch of tools that are all compatible and give you the chance to create something new! Little Bits is an amazing project founded by Ayah Bdeir in New York. Definitely worth the 2 minutes of watching! Question: What…

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Oklahoma Creativity

Sir Ken Robinson explains briefly what the Oklahoma Creativity Initiative is. Find out more about Creative Oklahoma at

being creative is risky

Being Creative is Risky. So Take the Creative Risk, says David Burkus. “At its core, innovation requires creativity. Creativity is the ability to generate novel and useful ideas. Being creative isn’t a trait. It’s a skill […] some people develop early, and other people need help to cultivate and nurture.” Wanna hear lots of great…

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past vs future

The guys at Minute Physics created an interesting motion graphic about the difference between past and future. It represents an unusual approach to an unusual topic. 🙂

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