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the story of a soldier

creativity is… telling the story of a soldier with just one hand. watch this brilliant video by Virgilio Villoresi What’s your personal definition of creativity?

pencils against the grain

creativity is… using pencils in a way they haven’t been used before. What’s your personal definition of creativity?

why tablet PCs are a brilliant invention

Q: What’s a user-friendly device? A: One that even a reptile can play games on! Or maybe… Ant Crusher wasn’t even made for humans? 🙂

the real swiss army knife

Have you ever wondered what a real Swiss Army Knife might be like? 🙂 Source:

information diet

There is no such thing as “information overload” – just as there is no “food overload” where fried chicken fly into people’s mouth. 🙂 We should rather call it information overconsumption. Watch this short how-to video presenting Clay A. Johnson’s new book, The Information Diet that helps you reduce your information consumption effectively. Do you…

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design thinking movie

Have you ever thought about the importance of design in your daily life? Watch the Design Thinking Movie and join the Design Thinking Movement! 🙂

29 ways to stay creative

Scrivs posted a great video on the Drawar Journal, giving you a few hints on how to stay creative. Definitely worth watching!

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